Diabetes doesn’t hurt but it’s complications kill. Take care of your diabetes and control your glycaemia

If you say diabetes, you say daily glucose monitoring and you think of a glucose meter, an indispensable tool for anyone living with diabetes.
In Romania,
only 1 of 3 diabetes patients has a glucose meter and less than half of those have supplies for an efficient disease control,
1 diabetes doctor takes care of over 2400 patients,
there are people that never measured their glycaemia although they have all the symptoms for diabetes.

The diabetes patients in isolated areas, with low income are likely to face overwhelming health care costs and dangerously susceptible to complications and disability. Controlin significantly improves access to quality, free health care assistance for vulnerable patients throu out the use of modern technology.

Controlin is a diabetes solution for disadvantaged patients composed of:

  • A modern system of monitoring blood glucose levels, which implies the collection, transmission and automatic interpretation of the glycaemic levels for the patients all over the country;
  • A telemedicine support service for the patients offered by the specialized call centre;
  • An alert system that updates the doctor and the family on the patient emergencies and disease evolution.

So far

  • We offer support to 500 patients for over 2 years in order to daily monitor the glycemic levels, to store and to access in real time the information regarding their disease, to make correlations among blood glucose levels, physical activity and diet and to learn to improve their health status;
  • We organized 25 public screening events for diabetes attended by over 7400 people;
  • Tens of doctors have access in real time, anywhere and anytime, to the patients’ data enrolled in the project (with their consent), keeping track online of their health status.SONY DSC

Georgian_Ovidiu“I have diabetes for over 10 years now an in the last year I won a huge victory: I have succeeded in decreasing the average blood glucose levels in the body (glycosylated hemoglobin)… It’s very hard to get from 7.8 to 7 if you don’t know what happens every day. Until I had the Controlin kit, I played it by ear. Enrolled in the project, and supported by the nice assistant from the call center, I started checking my glycaemia not once but twice, sometimes three times a day and I succeeded to understand very well how blood glucose level change based on diet, stress etc. Also I’ve noticed that the doctor was very interested in the graphics I had from Controlin and keeps asking of them every month. The project gives me the faith that someone is looking after my disease every day.” – Ovidiu Georgian, 65, Controlin patient.

“I never measured my glycaemia before the project. It was 300. For over 6 months I am in the project and hopefully I will avoid insulin. The devices provided in the project help me every day.“
Diana Pascal, 43, Controlin patient

Diabetes is a chronic disease that reduces the patient’s life expectancy with up to 20 years and causes serious cardiovascular, ocular and systemic complications. Monitoring and maintaining blood glucose levels within the normal range is vital in diabetes and contributes to the increasing of life expectancy and to the improvement of health status.

Controlin is a project run by the React Association and Vodafone Romania Foundation in the benefit of diabetes patients, part of the “Mobile for Good” programm.