A chance for life is the most comprehensive blood donation national program. Within this program the public is informed about the real need of blood for transfusions in the hospitals and it is encouraged to donate blood periodically.

With this project we intend to increase the blood donors’ number in Romania and to improve the national stocks of blood.

The identified problem

In Romania only 1.7% of the adult population donates blood, compared to 66% in Austria or 52% in France. Moreover, the maximum storage duration of the red cells is 35 days and certain blood products are made only from the blood of regular donors. In these conditions there is a continuous and growing need both for blood and blood products and forregular donors. The BucharestCenter for Blood Transfusions, the place where 5.000 people donate blood every month, had not been renovated since its founding (1952).

Our solution

  • Organizing media information and education campaigns for the population regarding the growing need for blood and safe blood products and providing a site for the potential donors (www.pentruviata.com) containing useful information about blood donation.
  • Mobile blood collection campaigns have been another significant way to attract new donors. Organizing blood donation sessions in companies, institutions and universities where donors work/learn and a fast donation process convinced thousands of Romanians to become donors, that come back three times a year to our caravans. Mobile blood donation sessions have also been held in public space or during events.
  • Renovating and equiping the BucharestCenter for Blood Transfusions, the main blood supplier for the hospitals in Bucharest.


  • We saved 150.000 human lives and we convinced more than 100.000 people to donate blood.
  • We increased by 8% the number of blood donors nationwide and by 15% the number of blood donors in Bucharest.
  • We organized over 60 mobile blood collection campaigns every year.
  • We organized a national campaign to inform the family physicians about blood donation.
  • We conducted a national study regarding “The motivation and the behavior of the young blood donors”.
  • We donated an ambulance to the BucharestCenter for Blood Transfusions, increasing with 30% the response time in case of transfusions emergency.
  • We transformed the BucharestCenter for Blood Transfusions in a welcoming and warm place in which the donors return willingly, by renovating the ground floor and the first floor of the center. After dividing the space and supplying it with computer equipment the time spent by a donor in the Center decreased with 50%.
  • We persuaded tens of companies, institutions and universities to join the program “A chance for life” and to support the access of the employers/students by providing places to the organizers and granting facilities to the donors.


“Donating blood is an example of altruism and humanity. What could be more humane than a young person donating his blood to a stranger? Most of these young donors come back again and again at the Center for Blood Transfusions thanks to you –React Association and Vodafone Romania. Thank you for everything you are doing for the Romanian tranfusional system and for the passion with which you contribute every year to the saving of human lives.” – Dr. Doina Gosa, director Center for Blood Transfusions Bucharest