React Association develops an organizational culture based on implication and professionalism, designed to ensure the growth of the organization and its sustainable development. We aim for the development of a culture of sustainability, therefore at React we use natural, material and human resources efficiently in order to successfully implement our projects. This is the way we became sustainable, addressing new domains of activity from one year to the next. We created and implemented projects that reached hundreds of thousands of people, we developed 5 regional centers and we won 10 Excellence Awards at national and international level.

Our mission is to find the resources and apply the innovative solutions through which the community can be mobilized and can adopt a responsible and solidary behavior.

The values of React guide us in an ever changing world and sustain us in our work:

  • We are proactive and open to the needs of the communities in which we are present
  • We involve the community members in creating their future
  • We believe in sustainability and sustainable development
  • We address every challenge with professionalism
  • We are solidarity with the beneficiaries

Our vision is that of the responsible communities, that generate positive and sustainable changes for the society.