In Asociatia React we pay special attention to sustainability and assume accountability for the projects and activities we are involved in. We believe we have a social responsibility towards the communities we interact with and we want to set the example in involving those who benefit from these actions and in consulting them regarding the existing campaigns, their governance, equal rights, diversity and non-discrimination, ethics and protecting the environment.

Transparency is also an important component of our work, which is why we wish to openly communicate the principles that guide us in our daily work:

1.     Good governance and stakeholder involvement

In React we believe  that the principle of good governance must be applied to the public institutions and private organizations. This is why we promote the involvement of regular citizens in the decisional process, equity, fairness, integrity and accountability.

  • React’s Board of Directors has an uneven number of members, who meet on a quarterly basis to analyze the most important aspects regarding the organization’s activity.
  • An Advisory Committee, reporting to the Executive Director, consisting of the department managers, is actively involved in the strategic decision making process.
  • Each and every one of our Managers is an example of accountability, ethical behavior and integrity, serving as an example to the other employees and beneficiaries.
  • The horizontal management structure allows the employees and the beneficiaries to get involved in the activities of the React Association, to offer feedback and to take part in the decision making process. With this in mind we have made available various electronic and hard-copy feedback systems.
  • Annually we analyze the needs of the communities we are present in and we evaluate stakeholder satisfaction, while identifying the challenges the communities are faced with and find ways to intervene.
  • In 2011 we have built React’s Code of Ethics and Behavior, to support our employees and volunteers in adopting the values of the organization and to strengthen the reputation of a responsible, sustainable organization, dedicated to the communities it supports. The Ethics and Behavior Code is enforced throughout the React Association, as well as in all its subsidiaries.
  • We constantly monitor and evaluate all our projects through monitoring information systems. We take on the lessons learned from our previous projects and, since 2012, we have implemented a risk assessment system based on which we evaluate the best course of action to ensure that we achieve our metrics on each project.
  • We play an active part in drafting public policies both centrally and locally; during out advocacy campaigns we collect the neglected and unspoken issues of the communities and we try to find a solution for these by influencing public opinion.
  • We are members of working groups and coalitions linked to our activity, which helps us draft projects and activities corresponding to the real needs of the communities we interact with. In every project we implement we make sure that we do not double our efforts with our stakeholders and other social counterparts.

2.  Finances and Funding

In a constantly changing world, in which our stakeholders’ needs are more diversified and pronounced, the funding sources can represent a real issue. Within React we believe in a diversified pool of sponsors and in long term partnerships, sustainable funding, able to satisfy the real needs of the communities, all based on a correct resource management.

  • Diversified and sustainable funding sources allow us to maintain our independence and reputation and to react promptly and efficiently to the problems that our stakeholders are faced with. We constantly approach new sponsors with whom we establish new collaborations.
  • We are sponsored by private companies, governmental agencies, NGOs and members of the community. Throughout the fundraising process we pay special attention to the regular citizens, the direct beneficiaries of our projects. They are our React Ambassadors


  • All the acquisition decisions in our projects are based on financial and human aspects. We contribute to the development of the local economy and we sustain social economy and the engagement (employment) of vulnerable individuals by contracting goods and services from our local producers, social enterprises or protected entities.
  • We are performance oriented and we use advanced technologies in our projects to save time, financial and human resources. We apply the transferability principle in our actions by creating procedures to make our work easier.


3.       Equal rights, diversity and non-discrimination

In Asociatia React we are guided by a set of ethical principles and by a firm commitment we have taken towards society and our stakeholders. We respect diversity, equality for all opportunities and rights and we fight against discrimination.

  • We apply the principles of opportunity equality, gender equality and non-discrimination in hiring our staff (a principle respected in our hiring procedures and reflected in our team’s diversity) and in selecting our beneficiaries (a selection based on clear pre-establishes criteria that uphold the rules and regulations of our sponsors as well as the present laws and our organization’s internal regulations)
  • We respect the opinions and personal dignity of our employees, the right to privacy and personal rights. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.
  • The employment, promotion and evaluation of our personnel is based exclusively on performance criteria, such as achieving established goals and professional experience. The compensation and benefits policy supports the company’s strategy, interests, values and long term objectives.
  • We offer our employees the security they require by signing long term employment contracts. Additionally, we offer support to all employees who are faced with big personal challenges, by ensuring a flexible schedule or the possibility of working from home.
  • The Human Resource Department compiles an individual career plan, together with each employee and volunteer; this plan includes performance evaluation, identification of individual professional interest as well as objectives for professional development.
  • We are accredited as official operators of sensitive information (personal information) by the National Authority of Surveillance of Personal Information Management; we protect the personal information of our employees and beneficiaries.

4.         Environmental Protection

We believe there can be no sustainability without protecting the environment this is why we pay special attention to ecology and we apply the rule of the 3 Rs in environmental protection:

  • At our offices we collect and separate the waste in special recipients located in the common areas.
  • We use recycled paper for our daily activity and 90% of our office paper waste are recycled in our social factories.
  • Our promotional products are manufacture in our own social factories from recycled materials such as cork, paper or wood, by respecting the principles of green production.

5.         Anticorruption

  • We are aware of the gravity of corruption actions and we are against all of its manifestations. We forbid our employees to engage in any corruption activities or associated to corruption, regardless of their nature.
  • In React we implement procedures to inform and instruct against acts of corruptions or associated to corruption for the purpose of avoiding them.
  • We will interrupt all and all connections/collaboration/activities, regardless of their nature, in case we acknowledge that acts of corruption are involved. We distance ourselves from any acts of corruptions or associated to corruption committed by one of our employees/volunteers or by any other person who might use the name or our organization to engage in or cause an act of corruption.