AL-3-LEA_SECTOR_960x400 is an editorial project that brings towards the public people, projects, funds, ideas, organizations and companies that change the world for the better. Here, you can find both original material written, filmed or photographed by our team and innovative ideas or best practices from international sources.

The problem identified
According to the online traffic monitoring platform,, among the first 15 sites in the NGOs category – in the order of popularity, there are only two editorial projects for informing the NGO sector from Romania. Both are based on the takeovers of materials from other sites, which have direct or indirect links with the NGO sector. Self documented articles, which add information to the takeovers, are rarely published.

Our solution

  • To create, in the Romanian media, a space dedicated to nonprofits, with original and well documented articles, in order to meet the information needs of this sector of activity. At the same time, we want to offer a good lecture to specialists from the NGO sector and professionals that want to explore this area. In all our articles, we wish to reflect the professionalism, potential and inexhaustible resource of ideas and people of the third sector.


  • We conducted a portal about and for the third sector, with original press materials
  • We wrote over 150 articles
  • We have 30,000 unique visitors
  • We recorded more than 60,000 views of articles posted
  • We have created a community of over 1,600 people active on Facebook
  • We have 650 subscribers to the weekly newsletter

“Very interesting and natural at the same time! Many issues concern me for many years and I am glad that there are solutions in some minds or parts. Congratulations and be always visionaries and consistent, as seen here.” – C.A.

“It was a very pleasant surprise! I am impressed by quality of the articles. Not very long or very short, with many updates, links (active!). In a few words, it’s interesting and useful both for those working in the field and for beginners. Congratulations, dears! You did a great job! I already gave a big LIKE on Facebook!“- S.A.