O sansa pentru viata

Am salvat 150.000 de vieti omenesti in cadrul proiectului "O sansa pentru viata".

A Life Might Depend On You

A life might depend on you is a national education program for the population regarding the significance of the correct use of the emergency service and carrying out first aid maneuvers until the arrival of the ambulance.

The problem identified    

According to the Special Telecommunication Service in the first half of 2011, 3 out of 4 calls made to 112 were false emergencies or bad jokes. At the same time 60% of all the real calls solicited the ambulance, hence the importance of knowing the first aid maneuvers that have to be performed until the arrival of the medical team. Heart diseases, traffic accidents, traumas caused by violence and conflicts, will become until 2020, the most important causes of death worldwide. Now cardiac arrest affects annually almost 70,000 people, being the first cause of death in Europe (EuroStat).
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A Chance For Life

A chance for life is the most comprehensive blood donation national program. Within this program the public is informed about the real need of blood for transfusions in the hospitals and it is encouraged to donate blood periodically.

With this project we intend to increase the blood donors’ number in Romania and to improve the national stocks of blood.

The identified problem

In Romania only 1.7% of the adult population donates blood, compared to 66% in Austria or 52% in France. Moreover, the maximum storage duration of the red cells is 35 days and certain blood products are made only from the blood of regular donors. In these conditions there is a continuous and growing need both for blood and blood products and forregular donors. The BucharestCenter for Blood Transfusions, the place where 5.000 people donate blood every month, had not been renovated since its founding (1952).
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