FABRICA_DE_BINE_960X400Fabrica de Bine (The doing good factory) is the name under which a group of six social enterprises conduct activities in recycling waste paper and plastic, manufacturing recycled paper products, screen printing and call center services. These are the enterprises established under the project “Development of social economy through the creation and development of social enterprises.”

The problem identified
Only 4% (29.482) of Romanian adults with disabilities have a job, which puts Romania on the last places in European Union statistics. The number of people with disabilities in Romania is 704.313, of which more than 90% are adults. Women represent 53.74% of all persons with disabilities. 63.78% of all disabled adults are aged 18-64 years (410 041 people), and 36.22% are over 65 years (232.874 people). In the economic crisis, social vunerabile people are not supported for finding jobs, they remain passive beneficiaries of social aid.

Our solution

  • Promoting social inclusion and the concept of social economy as a flexible and durable tool for economic development and job creation.
  • Establishment and development of social enterprises to integrate or reintegrate into the labor market people with disabilities and people living from the minimum guaranteed income (people at risk of social exclusion).
  • Strengthening capacities, skills, knowledge and self-esteem for people with disabilities and people living from the MIG.


  • We established 6 social enterprises – four of them are active in the manufacturing products made ​​from recycled paper, recycled plastic and one of them is a call center)
  • We have created 150 new jobs
  • We hired 90 people with disabilities and 60 people receiving the minimum guaranteed income
  • We organized 5 regional workshops to promote social economy
  • We performed a theoretical document devoted to social economy: The social economy – from business to social profit
  • We conducted a national survey on Romanian attitudes towards people with disabilities
  • We conducted a research on the development of social economy in Romania
  • All 150 employees have received professional training, group counseling, career counseling and assistance at the workplace
  • We opened an online store that sells products made in the social enterprises


Employment meant a lot to me because although I finished school seven years ago I could not find any job. I really wanted to be independent and to have an income. “- Karina L., employee at Fabrica de Bine.

“My employment in “The doing good factory” represents an unexpected opportunity. I’m much calmer now, because I can give my children a decent life and we are grateful to the people who made ​​this project.”– George T., employee at Fabrica de Bine.