In order to cover the needs of our beneficiaries, in order to keep our team intact and focused on doing good things for the community, we need money. Money – is not a noble word. However, in a consumer society, even a nonprofit organization needs funds to survive.

If you want to join us and contribute financially to our projects we invite you to make a donation. The amount or the frequency of the donation do not matter. We will be grateful and we promise you that the donated money will improve or even save a human being life.

  • Redirect 2% of the income tax to React Association. Fill in the form 230 (for the salary) or the form 200 (for the income from independent activities, rent, copyright, etc.) and send it to the financial administration which you belong to or to the address of React Association (strada Corbeni, nr. 7, 020781, sector 2, Bucuresti).
  • Sponsor with up to 20% of the income tax
  • Donate through PayPal

You can donate paying online with a debit or a credit card. Your donation will go directly in the association account. If you want you can specify the project for which you want your donation to be used for.

Asociatia React

CF: 18609279/21.04.2006

IBAN: RO35BRDE445SV12568714450

Banca: BRD, Sucursala Triumf

Sediul social: str. CA Rosetti, nr.24, etaj 1, ap.3, sector 2, 020014, Bucuresti, Romania